The following public schools zones are within Beverly Hills. There are no middle schools as elementary school go up through 8th grade. School Zones are listed as Saved Custom Areas under the Areas Icon. Currently the elementary school zones are selected (orange areas) and all Public Schools are displayed and indicated with the blue circles. The Beverly Hills High School District is equal to all for elementary school zones together. Use the Lifestyle icon to change school types. Modify the school zones selected by clicking in the Saved Custom Area List.

Information is from a third party. Always confirm directly with the school.
Beverly Hills  Grades     Rating (1 – 10) 
Rio Vista Elementary  K – 8 8
El Rodeo Elementary  K – 8 9
Hawthorne Elementary  K – 8 10
Horace Mann Elementary  K – 8 9
Beverly Hills High School  9 – 12 9


School District Maps are approximate. To confirm the school district for a specific address click here to use the School District Resident School Identifier.

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