Client Bill Of Rights 

Business Philosophy of Susanna Nagy

My Vision is to be your trusted real estate agent that earns your repeat business and referrals. My Mission is to deliver outstanding service that exceeds your expectations and expertly guides you through the entire real estate transaction making your experience both enjoyable and rewarding.   I will never pressure you to move at a pace faster than you are comfortable with.

I would like to clearly state the principles and ideas, which guide me in my relationships with my Clients.


  • Respect: As a Client, you will be treated exactly as I wish to be treated when I am someone else’s Client – with dignity, respect, friendliness and professionalism.
  • Value:  As a Client, you are entitled to a full value service and you will receive it. When you purchase or sell a property through, you will feel assured that I represented you and negotiated on your behalf with your best interests at heart.  I will let you know when I believe a property is not right or just not right for you.
  • Hard Work:  I truly believe you will not find a harder working Realtor than me.  I am committed to both the real estate profession and my clients.  I will show you as many properties as you would like to see before making an offer.  I will keep bringing qualified buyers to your property until it sells for the value it deserves. I will deliver timely market research and comparisons to you at every step of the way so that you are an informed client.
  • Communication:   I will keep up informed with timely, constant and relevant communication on all aspects of your real estate endeavor.    I am available 24 hours a day for my clients. If I do not answer your inquiry immediately, it is because I am with a Client and I will respond at first opportunity.
  • Expertise: You have the right to be informed and educated.  I will never put papers in front of you or ask you to proceed with any element of a transaction without first explaining the process – giving the Client assurance of what the client should be paying attention to.     I will be with you every step of the transaction – watching out for only for your best interests.
  • Integrity: I will never recommend a property, company or service based on a financial benefit – my recommendations are based on past experience and desire to refer companies with excellent customer care.
  • Privacy.  You have the right to Privacy.  I will never share your contact information,  personal information  or information concerning your real estate transactions, with anyone without your permission.

Susanna Nagy