Colfax was built in 1950 on what was once a 10-acre arboretum. In 2006 the school earned CA Distinguished School Status for the first time. In 2010 the School again earned the distinction for it’s progress in closing the achievement gap that exists between various subgroups. The Colfax faculty and staff firmly believe that all children can learn and that they learn best when educated together.

Our general and special education teachers work collaboratively to ensure that each child has full access to the core curriculum.The teachers, families and staff of Colfax are dedicated to the academic and personal success of all students. We strive to prepare our students to face a future filled with ever-changing challenges by providing them with a curriculum that integrates technology, the arts and environmental sustainability. Together we enable each child to aspire to his/her highest potential in a safe and caring environment.

Parents are a driving force at Colfax. They actively participate in numerous ways that directly impact student achievement. They serve on our important school site council, volunteer in classrooms, and help raise funds to provide enrichment and remedial opportunities for all students.

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