Here are some ready reference guides I have assembled to help guide you through your real estate journey. If you have any questions, please call me at (818) 481-1602.

Buying a home is a complex process. Find out how an experienced real estate agent can help you.

Buyers PDF

Short sales are prevalent. What is a short sale?

Short Sales PDF

How do you know when it is the right time to buy? Some sound advice.

Right Time to Buy PDF

A short sale can time more than time- find out what to expect in a short sale.

What to Expect in a Short Sale PDF

Defining your home buying goals is important- find out more.

Home Buying Goals PDF

Lower price or lower interest rage- which do you want?

Price vs Interest Rage PDF

How much can you afford? Where should you buy? What featured do you need?

Deciding Which Home PDF

There are two ways to buy a foreclosure. Learn about the foreclosure process here.

Foreclosure PDF

Buying an REO is not for the faint of heart- but there are good deals to be had.


If your goal is to buy a home at a fair price, what should you do before making an offer?

Making and Offer PDF

FHA and VA loans each have pros and cons- find out more here.