Depending on where you live in Studio City you could attend one of 2 middle schools below (click on the school name or rating for more information.)

School Name (click for school web-site)

Robert Milikan

Walter Reed Middle School




School Rating



This map shows the Studio CityMiddle School district zones (brown outlined areas)  in Studio City.  These School Zones are listed as Saved Custom Areas under the Areas Icon. Currently all Public Middle Schools are displayed and indicated with the blue circles. Click on the school name or school rating to see more information.  To see elementary schools zones click here (Studio CitySherman OaksEncino) to see high schools zones click here  (Studio CitySherman OaksEncino)

Information is from a third party. Always confirm directly with the school.School District Maps are approximate.                                                                                    
To confirm the school district for a specific address click here to use the LA Unified School District Resident School Identifier.

great schools

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